Full-Day Programme or Half-Day Programme?

Half-day or full-day programme? It has been a controversial topic for many parents, and different households have different considerations when making this tough decision.  However, it is evident that enrolling young children in a full-day programme in preschool can enrich them academically and benefit them in many ways.

The programme allows children to have more chances to interact and communicate with one another.

Benefits of Full-Day Programme

Early childhood education has a tremendous impact on the growth and development of a child.    Full-day programme provides young learners with ample time to explore and learn in a purposefully designed and stimulating learning environment, scaffolded and guided by trained teachers.  There are also numerous benefits to enrolling in a full-day programme to young children’s learning.

Enhance Language Development

Language development is enriched through ongoing dialogues and communications.  Staying at school for longer hours in a full-day programme allows children to have more chances to interact and communicate with one another.  Also, the extended language and literacy learning activities that are incorporated in a full-day programme will lead to students’ increased abilities to expand their vocabulary, the development of a love for reading, and promotion in their presentation skills through extra Show and Tell and role-play opportunities. 

Improve Self-Care Skills

Full-day programme adopts an extended school schedule.  For students who spend longer hours at school, their self-care skills can be cultivated and nurtured through the everyday school routines.  Self-care skills help children develop their abilities to refine physical control, organize materials, and plan and sequence task performance in advance.  By establishing the habit to take care of themselves while eating, tidying up and using the washroom at school during the extended hours in a full-day programme, students are building up their life skills and independence.

Enhance Social and Emotional Development

With a full-day programme in place, teachers have more time to incorporate play and interactive activities into the daily routines.  This allows children to learn appropriate social behaviours like sharing and taking turns, as well as enhancing their emotional regulation skills.  Also, longer hours at school gives students the opportunity to play with more friends, leading to more friendships formed in the same classroom.  Students will also have more time to try to solve problems as a group, as they are given more time to discuss and come up with solutions to daily problems they encounter at school, before seeking help from adults or teachers around them.

Promote Creative Expression

Artistic works take time to create.  With the tight half-day kindergarten programme and routine, many young learners are only learning how to make simple structured artworks, and are not given enough time to express themselves through making unique artistic projects using a vast array of art materials at their will.  Therefore, if young learners are exposed to a more comprehensive art and craft curriculum in a full-day programme, which require longer school hours, they will be given more time to immerse themselves into craft making utilizing different artistic skills, and may even have the chance to learn from famous artists around the world through arts appreciation.   

The programme can improve chidlren’s self-care skills.
Make Parenting Easier

There are many dual-income households in Hong Kong and juggling between work and childcare could be a headache to many parents.  By enrolling their children in full-day programme, parents can make better plans with limited time, whilst ensuring that their children are making the best out of school.  Also, enrolling in a comprehensive full-day programme can be convenient for parents to ensure the holistic development of their children at school, instead of enrolling them into numerous interests’ classes after school at various locations.  This will make parents’ lives easier for sure.  

The MAGART Full-Day Programme

MAGART is pleased to offer young learners aged 2-6 a full-day school option, and it is now open for application.  

Children immerse themselves into craft making utilizing different artistic skills .

This programme aims to enrich students’ holistic development and nurture independence in the forms of extended exploration and learning opportunities in the afternoon.  Learning focuses including Mathematics and Problem Solving, Phonics, STEM, Expressive Arts and Design, as well as Storytelling and Drama are included in our comprehensive yet fun full-day programme.

This diversified programme is helpful to students for the following reasons:

  • It helps students adapt to the requirements of both local and international primary schools and adds increased focuses on language development, social development, and academic development.
  • It encourages student-initiated explorations under teachers’ facilitation and guidance during the extended school hours.
  • It enriches students’ aesthetic experience and individual expressions through extra arts, drama and language activities.
  • It promotes students’ self-care and self-regulation abilities, leading to better social and emotional development.

Full-Day Programme Support Scholarship

In line with the school’s commitment to holistic education, and maintaining a diversified and high-quality educational environment, the MAGART Education Foundation has specially set up aFull-Day Programme Support Scholarshipfor young learners who intend to enrol in the MAGART Full-Day Programme.  

Shall you have any queries regarding the programme and the relevant scholarship, please do not hesitate to our Director of School Development, campus Principals and Curriculum Coordinator for more details.

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