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Why Inquiry-Based Learning Matters?

As a parent or an educator, it is disappointing when children are uninterested in the materials you intend to deliver to them, despite the immense effort and…

Full-Day Programme or Half-Day Programme?

Half-day or full-day? It has been a controversial topic for many parents, different households have different considerations when making this tough decision. 

Connecting with Nature and Loose Parts Play

When we talk of ‘Loose parts’ or open-ended resources we refer to endless types of materials which can be used alone or combined with other materials and the environment.

移民前如何部署升學? 英式教育 與香港教育大不同

最近一些年輕父母準備在未來兩年以BNO護照帶同子女一家人 移民 英國 ,除了幫家人和子女辦理居留簽證準備及尋找住所外,最重要的還有子女的教育安排。香港雖貴為國際都市,但是教育觀念上仍然與西方存在不少差異。其中有意帶幼兒去英國讀幼兒園的家長,應該如何選擇學校?英國的幼兒教育和香港的幼兒教育制度又有甚麼區別?